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Bonjour! I've read so many quotes in the last weeks and I wrote down some of them. Some quotes are perfect and some I just had to think over..  So today I'll show you 10 quotes and my thoughts on them.

Forget who forgets you.
This one is difficult, because it really depends on the situation to agree with this quote. First of all you have to be sure the person forgot about you, because if you don't text each other every day,  it doesn't mean that you forgot each other. Forgetting is only possible if something was really unimportant - and it hurts if it's just one person who forgot.. then it's better to forget this one, too, for your own happiness. 

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.
Yes, this is something important I learned in the last year. Don't be afraid, of anything, because what's meant to be will be in the end. And if you have no fear, you will see, things will get easier.

You can.
So brief and so true. If you want to you can do ev…

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