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I'm sorry for not posting much last weeks, and I will not lie, I was not really busy. On monday my studies will begin (3rd semester now) and I feel like I have done nothing productive for the last three months. Obviously I did a small trip to Spain, I also did a lot of photographies,videos..  But somehow I miss something. I can imagine that I miss drawing much (I promised myself to make some ideas for my tattoo that I plan to have next year and I not even did one sketch on this.. *feeling bad*). I also do not write that much in my notebooks. The reason? I'm busy enjoying the time with my beloved, my family and friends. But also one of the main reasons is that the weather changed rapidly from summertime to autumn .. I do not realize this until now. I feel unfree because I can't leave my apartment without pulling on a warm sweater and a beanie, it's quite cuddly ok but I need warm temperatures - I feel better in summer. My skin looks healthier, I have more appetite, I…

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