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I did not post anything in a while because I had to get a clear mind.. And that's also the thing I want to talk about today. 

Maybe you know this feeling.. Something stops you from being yourself. I was thinking a lot and I saw that the answer will not be found by thinking about what's wrong.
You have to do something.

I am obviously not the always-smiling-girl. No, I do have fears and I do have these moments when I don't know where I belong. I feel so lost sometimes and nobody seems to realize that my thoughts are somewhere else - and this is not a cry for help haha - but it had to stop.

Now I found 3 things which help me to clear my mind and spirit and today I share them with you.

1. Meditation

Ok, I know, you're reading this nearly everywhere, everyone seems to do it and some of you do not even consider doing this. And this is okay, I don't want to persuade you to this. But for some of you it will be maybe helpful - I was one of these persons who twisted their eyes when they only hear the word meditation.
But one evening there was this heavy rain, it was already dark and I opened the door of my balcony for my cat.
 The sound of rain and the fresh air - it gave me tranquility. And this was the moment I decided to sit on my bed, close my eyes and breath. Just inhale and exhale. I never felt so present. After a few minutes I was completely relaxed and I fell asleep. The next morning I felt better. From this evening on I try to meditate more often - not too much - just when I feel worse.
It's worth trying, there are many, many apps which help you if you're not sure how to breath right and if you don't want to sit there in complete silence there are some good playlists on Spotify to relax and just enjoy your moment.


1. Calm

2. 7Mind (only german)


1. Close to Nature

2. Ocean Escape

3. Deep Focus

2. Writing

If you can't stand meditation then maybe you can help yourself with writing. Writing down my thoughts is something I do since I am 12 years old - yes I had a diary and yes one or another sentence is amusing when I read it today BUT back then it helped me.
Today I don't write in form of a diary, no more like poetry or like letters to the persons I think about.
But also only words. I usually do not overthink my writings because they are only for me. But it's amazing how easy you can let go of things just by writing them down.

3. Treat Yourself

It does not have to be expensive - it can be just taking a bubble bath. What I do is buying flowers, eating some sweets (way too much, but it's under control I swear), "Me-Time" in form of reading books and listening to perfect music, buying some clothes for new inspiration, .. there are many things which help me to smile again and nowadays everthing is in a hustle and bustle so take your time to treat your mind and body with good things.

I hope that some of you will try at least one of these things if you feel the same. When you have some other methods or questions you can message me on Instagram or Email (ali.gla@hotmail.de).

Stay healthy and have a wonderful week!

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