Photography II

by - June 12, 2017


Do you take many pictures? In my past, when I got my first Iphone I took pictures from everything, I mean really - everything. That's why I had no more memory space and I had to delete thousands of photos and decide which ones I want to keep on my phone because I often look at them when I'm in the train or just chillin' somewhere.
But there were so many photos that it was nearly impossible to choose between important pictures and not that important pictures. 

That's why I decided to take my photos with more consideration. So when I have a motive, a sunset for example, I try to take only one or two shots which are ''perfect'' and not 14 and not knowing which one is the best one. That's also why my most photographies are snapshots, I don't try to think of what would look much better. I just like the photos as they are.

The most photos I post I put a filter on ( often from VSCO and whitagram ) because I don't like photos which are too yellow/orange if you know what I mean.
I also often use the black/white filter for photographies of palms, landscapes and the interior of cafés and bars.

I am really untalented in making photos from somebody, like portraits or something, I prefer to photograph nature and architecture. I don't know why haha. Maybe I should practice this.

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My latest photos:

I hope you will have a beautiful week!

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